Christmas eve or union family day!

As a common sense, when winter come backs at end of year, Most of us feel joy to prepare for winter break and Christmas’  air really spreading all edges of life, shops planning  sale off for decoration item which related to Christmas, family member contribute effort to prepare for a sparkling Christmas night and full of happiness. 

However,  outside still individuals because of objective reasons which how diffcult to union family on Christmas eve... and our Pumba guy in game Xmas Bells is speciality represent for that case, maybe he have to pass cold winter on mountain with a bear without your support. Definitely you won’t let it happen, so when clockwise still don’t point to twelve o’clock, we still have time, based on your skill, control Pumba fly up to collect gums and against sprites along the road by Tommy gun, good luck! ☃️

Xmas Bells - Whistle Ringing

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